Dec 22 2014

Rustic looks are making a comeback

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Mason jars, drinking cups, and other accessories throughout the house are coming back. In many kitchens and bathrooms, the use of wood and glass mixed in with modern elements are making a new statement. It is not outdated or classic any more. It is making a mend with modern elements.

Use of wood is a must in order to make a rustic look. Reclaimed or recycled wood flooring are appealing to many. Some even add wood to their ceilings to achieve that extra rustic look and feeling. Some who do not want to depict entirely rustic look, they mix with steel, chrome, and glass elements. Make sure to maintain a balance with wood, steel and other elements and soothing hue could help to maintain the balance.

Getting the right balance of all elements is the key to portray a rustic look combined with modern elements. Use as much as raw wood and even if painting needed it should not cover the entire wood surface. White has been the preferred color for wood for so long but with modern elements other colors can also be incorporated. Make sure to maintain a balance in order to get the rustic look with a modern twist.

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