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Apr 17 2017

How Interim Managers Can Provide Experience Beyond Measure

Summary: Interim managers are specialists that can make a valuable addition to your current team. Interim managers can be a vital asset to a construction project due to their extensive knowledge and versatile skill set. They are essentially independent business leaders, or project managers, that work in a wide range of sectors – a steel […]

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Oct 25 2016

How To Proceed When You Are Not Happy With The Work

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Let’s say that a painter finished your living room, but you’re not satisfied with the job they’ve done. How would you proceed in a way that won’t end in a legal quagmire? This advice from a construction expert witness will help you sort it out. Step One: Determine Fault One of the first things that […]

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Jun 23 2016

Construction Claims Consulting

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For a typical construction claims consultant, the legal paperwork involved can often be a headache. What with all sorts of building codes and dealing with disgruntled employees, there is often little time to actually do what we all want to see done, creating a new building for the enjoyment and use of our customer. In […]

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Dec 22 2014

Mediation for Construction Disputes

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A construction dispute can either grind your operations to a halt, or be just another bump in the road. Disputes are fairly common in the field of construction, and they are not always simple matters. When a dispute arises, you’ll need to gather every document and piece of evidence you have to prove your side […]

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Sep 17 2014

Private Mediation for Construction

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Disputes happen in the world of business. It’s not a question of luck, it’s a question of time. The longer you remain in business, the more likely you are to get sued. Fortunately, there are alternatives to court that can help end your disputes peaceably. How it Works Private mediation is a legal practice that […]

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