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Oct 23 2015

Choosing the Right Interior Doors

Written by: ETO Doors Homeowners have numerous options when it comes to choosing interior door styles.  In order for a room to look natural and stylish at the same time, there has to be a certain “flow” to the area. This means that your idea of mixing three different eras in one room will just […]

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Jul 20 2015

Choosing Between Open-Cell and Closed-Cell Packaging Foam

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc. Both open-cell and closed-cell foam products make great packaging material and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They both have a unique set of properties, however, which makes each type more appropriate for different packing needs. When shopping for the right packaging foam from Canada, it’s important to […]

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Oct 24 2013

Applying Fiberfill to Cushions with Staples

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Nobody has ever gone out of their way to have an uncomfortable seat. But just about everyone will try to have seating that’s plush, comfy, and soft, even if they have to do it themselves. Luckily, adding polyester fiberfill batting to a seat is easily done through one of two methods and adds a fantastic […]

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Oct 24 2013

The Lowdown on Solar Water Heaters

The sun is nature’s best water heating system — and modern technology has caught on. About 1.5 million households and businesses in America heat their water with free sunshine, according to the U.S Department of Energy. But is a solar water heater right for you and your family? Is it worth the cost? Can it […]

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Sep 20 2013

Do Some Holiday Decoration with Foam

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The end of every year is packed with holidays and get-togethers that bring people closer and give them reason to celebrate. Starting around Halloween and taking us through New Year’s Day, it’s hard not to catch a little bit of the season’s spirit. One way people enjoy their holidays is through the decoration of homes, […]

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