Mar 19 2016

Starting Your Home Improvement Project Out on the Right Foot

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Home Improvement
Do you have a home improvement project in your sights? You’re certainly not alone. Just about everyone has some idea of a project they’d like to undertake in the near future to make their home at least a little more enjoyable. Of course, if you’re planning to sell or you just bought, home improvement projects can go a long way.

The most important thing about your project—no matter what kind you’re undertaking—is to start out on the right foot. This means going to your local hardware store and making sure you have all the right tools. You don’t want a rude surprise down the line when you realize your project’s overhead just increased substantially because you needed to add a new, expensive tool. Continue Reading »

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Feb 25 2016

Pressure Washing Tips

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The best electric pressure washer is only as good as the projects you use it on. A pressure washer can clean paint off of the siding of a building, or it can blast away dirt and grime caked onto sidewalks. You can use a pressure washer for just about any job, making it a handy tool to keep around the house for maintenance and cleaning. Continue Reading »

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Feb 22 2016

Using Mirrors And Other Decorative Items On A Budget

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Decorating your home or apartment doesn’t have to be expensive. With some research and an innovative design plan, you can create a look that is really special. If you are working with a small budget, it is smart to be simple and take things step by step. This gives you the ability to make some beautiful changes, while holding off on other projects until you have enough money saved up. With a little creativity and personality, you can do something really unique. With just some paint or upholstery work, your home can have an expensive look for almost nothing. Continue Reading »

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Jan 05 2016

Here’s why you should consider using wallpaper

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wall paper
Wallpapering dates back to 1400s and only few privileged wealthy families used it to decorate their homes back then. But in the US, wallpapering was more popular in 1960s and 1970s. Today, due to many reasons it is coming back. It is becoming a part of modern designs.

Wallpaper can contribute to: Continue Reading »

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Dec 13 2018

Get a makeover for your home with replacement cushions

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Replacement cushions help you find perfect seating choices to adorn the most comforting and relaxing parts of your homes. If you are looking for a makeover for your dining room or living room, then the best thing to consider are the replacement cushions.

There are a number of options available on the replacement cushions like patio chair cushions, deck furniture cushions and comfortable padding for a variety of other seats all over the house. If you are looking an opportunity to enhance the look of your patio, porch or sunroom, then replacement cushions provide you with button tufted cushions. They provide high quality tufted ottomans and comfortable seat padding.

The fabric of the cushions must be properly cleaned and maintained. There are many tips that can be followed to enhance the appearance and longevity of your replacement cushions. They are as follows:

Try to store the fabric furniture indoors, especially during winter and rainy seasons. Just one rain can make the outdoor cushions unusable. If they do become wet, then then they must be hung out in the sun so that they can be completely dried off and the formation of mold and mildew can be prevented.

Use a soft brush or dry white towel to dust off the cushions before use on a daily basis.

The patio furniture covers must be regularly washed. A soft-bristled brush, mild soap and cold water can be used to wash the covers.

You can include the regular use of a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment in your maintenance regimen so that the animal fur can also be eliminated. Spills or stains can be removed by using a damp cloth or mild detergent.

You can use a fade-resistant fabric like Sunbrella for your cushion covers. This will help the cushions to maintain their colour for many years.

Article by Wicker Paradise. A cushion replacement adds comfort and style to any indoor living area or outdoor space.

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Dec 12 2018

How to Restore a Used Couch

Summary: Restoring used furniture can be done in just a few simple steps.

Good furniture can make a house look great but it can also get pricy. If you have received a used couch, whether as a gift, from a garage sale, or from a store, you would be wise to take the time to restore it.


Dealing with a used couch is a bit different from handling another used item, such as a table or a desk. It is fairly easy to assess the quality of a table but a couch can take some extra work. The couch cushions could look fine but actually be dirty. Use special sprays or dry-clean the cushion covers to give the fabric a deep clean. This can help kill the unwanted germs that are deep within the materials.

If there are stains on the cushion that will not come off, then it might be time to purchase new ones. Stubborn dirt might have ruined the fabric, making it nearly impossible to clean off. Similarly, if a cushion feels too squishy and cannot hold its original form, then the interior might have been worn down. Head to a store like The Foam Factory for replacements that can give you proper leg and back support.

A Note About Cleaning

It is possible that the couch you have contains some bugs or germs that are far too small for the human eye to easily detect. If you are worried about unwanted pests like bed bugs, you will need to use extreme temperatures to kill them off. Extremely high temperatures over 110F or extremely low temperatures below 20F can irritate and eliminate them.

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Nov 19 2018

Camping Essentials You Need to Maximize Your Comfort

Summary: Packing these camping essentials will help keep you comfortable, so you can focus more on having a fun time.

Going on a camping trip could be just what you need to recharge and clear your mind. Camping, however, is one of those hobbies that requires some planning and preparation beforehand. Since you will be out in the mountains, where the weather is a bit harsher, it would be wise to make sure you and your friend have everything you need. There are some essentials you can pack to help make your trip to the mountains as comfortable as possible.

Proper Sleeping Arrangement

There are plenty of ways you can approach camping. You might want to sleep on RV bedding in a nice camper or you might prefer to really immerse yourself in the wilderness and opt for a tent. One thing you should address is your sleeping arrangement. Since you will be away from home you will need to come up with a bedding situation that will keep you comfortable and free of back pain. Remember to bring thick blankets and comfy pillows for those cold, crisp nights.

Dress for the Occasion

One mistake plenty of people make when camping is thinking the clothes they wear daily will be fine out in the mountains. Especially during the winter season, it can be cold and wet in the mountains. Just like how The Foam Factory sells furniture specifically for harsher circumstances, you should be looking for clothes that are designed to handle rough weather. Pack wool socks, thermal underwear, jackets and pants that are both warm and can handle rain, and durable boots that will stay dry, even during harsh conditions.

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Jul 05 2018

Portable Air Conditioning

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There may come a time when you require some form portable air conditioning. There are three main types of portable air-conditioning, and each has its benefits and drawbacks, so you are certain to find a system that matches your portable cooling requirements.

Monobloc systems are ideal for domestic and small commercial environments. They provide an ultra-convenient solution as they are incredibly easy to relocate in a short amount of time. These are single unit designs that have no other requirements for operation. However, there is a limit to their usage outside of small spaces.

Split Type Split type air conditioners, which have two separate components, are also available in portable form. These systems incorporate evaporator and condenser units (condensers are placed outside) to provide an efficient and high-quality flow of clean air. Ideal for use in commercial offices, medium-sized workplaces, and classrooms.

Industrial & Spot Cooler Systems

Then you get portable systems for industrial use like those from These systems provide effective streams of cool air to precise areas making them ideal for industrial settings such as warehouses as well as environments that rely on specific areas and equipment remaining cool such as food preparation areas and storage locations. Spot Cooler systems are also well suited for application in areas where high volumes of electrical equipment are at risk of overheating such as IT suites.

If you feel your domestic or commercial property could benefit from the convenient and flexible benefits of portable air conditioning, you can hire specialists who will deliver their excellent portable units to meet your temporary air conditioning needs. They have an array of affordable options to give them a call today to discuss your requirements or feel free to browse through their website for more information.

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Dec 08 2017

New trends in wall mount mailboxes

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If you are in the market for a new wall mount mailbox, there are some new trends in the market that you should consider before you make a decision. Yours could be the standout home in the neighborhood by following the latest trends. Here are the top three trends of the year:


The latest trend in wall mount mailboxes is using LED’s to light your mailbox. The lights illuminate a design on the front of the mailbox, making the mailbox truly unique. The lighting only takes around eight watts of power and only needs to come on at night. Also, since LED lighting can last as long as thirty thousand hours, you won’t need to replace the lighting for years.

Stainless steel

Another trend that emerged this year is the popularity of stainless steel mailboxes. There are several types that go from curved to boxy. Stainless steel units are available in all price ranges, satisfying both the budget conscious and those looking for luxury. There is a style and price point for every homeowner. At you can get stainless steel locking mailboxes that are affordable and secure.


The latest trend in mailboxes is the use of vivid contrasting colors. You can now get mailboxes in a wide range of colors that are bright and vivid. Homeowners are increasing on the hunt for mailboxes that make a statement and draw attention. Homes with modern design are better suited for colorful mailboxes.


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