Feb 25 2016

Pressure Washing Tips

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The best electric pressure washer is only as good as the projects you use it on. A pressure washer can clean paint off of the siding of a building, or it can blast away dirt and grime caked onto sidewalks. You can use a pressure washer for just about any job, making it a handy tool to keep around the house for maintenance and cleaning.

Clean a Mower

If you’re one of millions of home owners with a lawn attached to the home, you probably have a lot of grass caked underneath the mower. A snap-on pressure washer can be useful to spray away these bits of grass and clean the under carriage. This also helps your mower stay efficient and last longer.

Spray a BBQ

Your barbecue is home to all sorts of grime and dirt, so a pressure washing can help clean the space in time for a large gathering. Remove the grill and spray it down, then spray the inside of the heat shield and the grease catcher. Keep a bucket handy to rid excess ash and grease so it doesn’t get mixed into the concrete in your backyard.

Other Uses

Garbage cans can get grimy over time, so it’s helpful to give them a good rinse to keep them fresh. Furniture that stays outside yearround can also be a haven for dust and grime. If you see mold on your home’s concrete foundation, a snap-on air compressor can give you the power you need to rinse it off.

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