Dec 08 2017

New trends in wall mount mailboxes

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If you are in the market for a new wall mount mailbox, there are some new trends in the market that you should consider before you make a decision. Yours could be the standout home in the neighborhood by following the latest trends. Here are the top three trends of the year:


The latest trend in wall mount mailboxes is using LED’s to light your mailbox. The lights illuminate a design on the front of the mailbox, making the mailbox truly unique. The lighting only takes around eight watts of power and only needs to come on at night. Also, since LED lighting can last as long as thirty thousand hours, you won’t need to replace the lighting for years.

Stainless steel

Another trend that emerged this year is the popularity of stainless steel mailboxes. There are several types that go from curved to boxy. Stainless steel units are available in all price ranges, satisfying both the budget conscious and those looking for luxury. There is a style and price point for every homeowner. At you can get stainless steel locking mailboxes that are affordable and secure.


The latest trend in mailboxes is the use of vivid contrasting colors. You can now get mailboxes in a wide range of colors that are bright and vivid. Homeowners are increasing on the hunt for mailboxes that make a statement and draw attention. Homes with modern design are better suited for colorful mailboxes.


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