Jan 29 2012

What you should know when you replace your carpet

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There are many things to consider when you decide to replace your old carpet. If you are planning to sell the house within a short period of time, your list of home improvement should include carpet replacement, landscape improvements and other needed home renovation projects. Here’s what to consider when you replace your carpet:

  • Cost: Price at the store is for a square feet. Ask the store to estimate the total cost of the carpet.
  • Color: It will look lighter when you install.
  • Quality: Tighter twist and pile density will increase the quality.
  • Stain resistance: Look at the data for stain protection and warranty.
  • Flexibility: For stairways, consider the bending resistance of the carpet.
  • Room size: Carpet traditionally comes in 12 feet by 15 feet. Consider how the seams will look when installed.
  • Installer: Ask for reference and if needed talk to others who may have used the installer.

Once you gather this information, shop around for a better deal. Your remodeling project will increase not only the appearance but also the value. Don’t forget to look at other items such as landscaping if you plan to sell your home.

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