Feb 22 2015

Some “to do’s” around your home

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Article by Home & Gardens Blog.

House chores are endless. Now is the best time to give your home a quick check up to make sure all apparatus are working smoothly. Here is a simple list to follow.

Check batteries: Our homes are full of equipment that runs on batteries. Test your smoke alarm, flashlights, cordless phones, and other battery operated devices to make sure they are running smoothly. Change your smoke alarm batteries at least once a year.

Check your air conditioner before the weather gets too hot. If it needs repairs or service, get it done before the summer when repairmen are hard to find.

Fertilize your yard and garden at least twice a year in spring and fall. Make sure to use pesticides if needed.

Clean your refrigerator condenser coil with a bottle brush and a vacuum so that it is free of dust and lint. This allows it to operate at its optimum.

Make sure to check your gutters before the rainy season starts. Leaves could clog gutters causing it to overflow and cause water damage.

Clean exterior windows on a cloudy day. Hot weather cause windows to dry up soon leaving streaks.

Check your water heater for signs of leaks.

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