May 16 2013

Replace your old Forklift Seat.

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Tired of your old Forklift seat? Need a replacement? Or even just one that is more comfortable, or suits you better? Often the Toyota forklift seats your vehicle comes with can be extremely cumbersome or uncomfortable, but comfort isn’t limited to just luxury cars it’s important during your work time also. Getting a better seat can be key to safety also, giving you ample maneuverability and little to no distraction due to pains or something not sitting right with you.

Even beyond that, as a construction vehicle they are constantly being bombarded with abuse, sweat, moisture, dirt, rocks, and so much more. This can damage a seat beyond typical repair, having the frame poke at you in uncomfortable places and making work more difficult. Replacing a full seat is going to be a lot easier than you may think it is, and ten times easier than completely reupholstering, because you’ll want something as heavy duty as the rest of your vehicle. Always make sure to check model and makes, if you question anything ask a professional, do your research before you order the new piece to your vehicle. Consider durability and the size you’ll need, who all uses the vehicle, yourself included, and find the best costs for you.

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