Apr 21 2013

Construction Seats for More Efficient Machines

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Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work in. Slippery slopes, falling debris and hazardous gases are only some of the perils of working in the construction industry. Workers should always be aware of the different safety and health regulations that are imposed by the government. Not all employers comply with safety guidelines so it may be up to the workers to enforce them.

Accidents can lead to debilitating injuries. Before climbing onto a machine, check to make sure your boots are free of mud or any slippery substance. When getting on or off a machine, slipping and falling is a big possibility. Make sure to also wear gloves that provide good grip. When loading or unloading machines, clear the area around it first. Check chains/straps to ensure that weight is equally distributed among them. Also, notify your supervisor if you experience crowding at the work site. The construction site is also a dangerous place for passers-by who stop and look because of curiosity. Be aware of the turning radius of the machines. This can help you ascertain the best routes to take to prevent accidents. Good and stable seats on machines can also help prevent work-related injuries.

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