Aug 19 2013

Bamboo Flooring Design

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After trees are knocked down, what are left are the roots that just end up dying in the ground.  That is not the case with bamboo however.  Once bamboo is correctly harvested, the roots from the stalk remain the in the ground and intact.  What this does is that it lets the bamboo grow to adult size again.  The best bamboo is one that is left for at least six years since anything less than that will not produce strong flooring.

Bamboo hardwood flooring can be natural, carbonized or stained during the manufacturing process.  Natural bamboo is not processed.  The strips of bamboo are boiled once they are harvested.  This brings out the natural coloring of the bamboo which is a very light blond color.  Carbonized bamboo is created by pressure steaming the strips after they are harvested and stripped.  The colors will range from a honey color to a coffee color.  Carbonizing wood will actually decreases the wood strength.  Stained bamboo can be stained in a wide array of colors once the planks have been produced.  Bamboo can be stained any color of the rainbow.  This is a great option for those with a flair for interior design.  The stain can be painted on or it can be rubbed on by band.

Solid bamboo flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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