Jul 05 2018

Portable Air Conditioning

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There may come a time when you require some form portable air conditioning. There are three main types of portable air-conditioning, and each has its benefits and drawbacks, so you are certain to find a system that matches your portable cooling requirements.

Monobloc systems are ideal for domestic and small commercial environments. They provide an ultra-convenient solution as they are incredibly easy to relocate in a short amount of time. These are single unit designs that have no other requirements for operation. However, there is a limit to their usage outside of small spaces.

Split Type Split type air conditioners, which have two separate components, are also available in portable form. These systems incorporate evaporator and condenser units (condensers are placed outside) to provide an efficient and high-quality flow of clean air. Ideal for use in commercial offices, medium-sized workplaces, and classrooms.

Industrial & Spot Cooler Systems

Then you get portable systems for industrial use like those from MovinCool.com. These systems provide effective streams of cool air to precise areas making them ideal for industrial settings such as warehouses as well as environments that rely on specific areas and equipment remaining cool such as food preparation areas and storage locations. Spot Cooler systems are also well suited for application in areas where high volumes of electrical equipment are at risk of overheating such as IT suites.

If you feel your domestic or commercial property could benefit from the convenient and flexible benefits of portable air conditioning, you can hire specialists who will deliver their excellent portable units to meet your temporary air conditioning needs. They have an array of affordable options to give them a call today to discuss your requirements or feel free to browse through their website for more information.

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