Mar 03 2017

Ordering Pre-Hung Doors Online

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If you’re shopping for exterior doors, you’ll find that most of your choices will be listed as “pre-hung”. For first-time buyers, it’s not always clear what comes with a pre-hung door and how to measure for one. This article will help clarify some of those questions, and help you find the door and accessories you need to successfully upgrade your front door.

How-to-Order-a-Pre-Hung-Exterior-Door-OnlinePre-Hung Definition

A prehung exterior door is literally pre-hung, meaning you’re buying the frame, the door and all hardware that accompanies it. The alternative is a slab door, which can be somewhat cheaper but harder to size. A pre-hung door is usually sized to fit one of four or five common sizes, with French doors being more of a custom upgrade. Both kinds of door may require additional hardware, but slab doors are more difficult because you have to work within the boundaries of your existing frame.

Ordering Pre-Hung Doors

The first step in ordering pre-hung exterior doors is to measure the frame. You measure the width of the door jamb, and the height and length of the door frame from the outside. Once you have accurate measurements, search for a style you like and choose the size you need. You may need additional shims to install the door, and some hardware to complete the installation.

Installing the door can be done by the avid DIY homeowner, but most people will find hiring a contractor much easier. The good news that it’s not a job requiring a terrible amount of precision, but one must be careful when fitting the door into the space once occupied by the old frame.


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