Dec 12 2018

How to Restore a Used Couch

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Summary: Restoring used furniture can be done in just a few simple steps.

Good furniture can make a house look great but it can also get pricy. If you have received a used couch, whether as a gift, from a garage sale, or from a store, you would be wise to take the time to restore it.


Dealing with a used couch is a bit different from handling another used item, such as a table or a desk. It is fairly easy to assess the quality of a table but a couch can take some extra work. The couch cushions could look fine but actually be dirty. Use special sprays or dry-clean the cushion covers to give the fabric a deep clean. This can help kill the unwanted germs that are deep within the materials.

If there are stains on the cushion that will not come off, then it might be time to purchase new ones. Stubborn dirt might have ruined the fabric, making it nearly impossible to clean off. Similarly, if a cushion feels too squishy and cannot hold its original form, then the interior might have been worn down. Head to a store like The Foam Factory for replacements that can give you proper leg and back support.

A Note About Cleaning

It is possible that the couch you have contains some bugs or germs that are far too small for the human eye to easily detect. If you are worried about unwanted pests like bed bugs, you will need to use extreme temperatures to kill them off. Extremely high temperatures over 110F or extremely low temperatures below 20F can irritate and eliminate them.

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