Feb 12 2017

How to replace a dining chair cushion

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Written by The Foam Factory

Dining table seating is the most abused seating in the entire house. They withstand the worst of people sitting down and getting up several times a day. In addition, since the setting involves food, there are drops and spills. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to replacing these cushions yourself:

The first step is to remove the seat from the frame. There is a drop in version, which requires a push from underneath to remove. The others have screws in several places. Make a note of which side is the front and back.

Remove all the old padding, fabric and tacks or nails holding them in place. The result should be a wooden board. Use the wooden board to mark and cut the foam replacement. Remember to mark any screw holes to cut out of the foam.

Place the foam on top of the wooden board. Some chairs have a slight bump towards the middle. You can get this effect by using some batting towards the center. Now tack on these layers to the wood.

Finally, place the new cover over and staple the fabric under about halfway. Once the entire cover is in place, fold and create pleats for neatness. Once complete, use a stapler and secure the fabric in its final place. Repeat the entire process for seat backs.


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