Jul 10 2015

Water conservation during draught

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Drought is affecting the entire United States more specifically western part of the country. The State of California has adopted mandatory water cuts requiring up to 25 percent reduction. Your landscaping is one big part of your water consumption and here are few ways you can save water.

  • Water your landscaping between 2:00 and 6:00 am for less water loss due to evaporation and wind.
  • Deep watering to strengthen the root system can help your plants to face extreme heat during the day and increase the stability of plants.
  • Hand water visible dry areas rather than increasing the time of the water cycle.
  • Use mulch to reduce evaporation, add nutrients and better absorption of water. They add to enhance the look of your landscaping too. There are many types of mulch available to choose from. Spread mulch at least six inches thick to get the best out of it.
  • Cut your grass less often. It allows your grass more time to rest and keep the appearance. Leave clippings on the lawn, it can help reduce evaporation and provide much needed mulch. You do not have to water your lawn after mowing. Keep the grass height at 3.5 to 5 inches during summer and spring and it can go down to 2.5 inches in the winter.

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